Hang Vinyl On Wall

Hang Vinyl On Wall

I can hang my notes on the wall without damaging or holding them.

Place a pushpin (use a large silver-headed pushpin) on the left side in the center of the disc. Be careful not to scratch the back of the disc with a rough wall. You may want to install the cork or foam sheet first and then install the washer.

We use pins to display CDs on our step wall, so I'm sure it will work with discs.

I'm 16 and so was I :) I haven't done it yet, but maybe I'll use nails. If you can't, try tax or duct tape. But files can, in that case you will need nails. For proper training, first try a bank transfer. The pins are removable and will not damage your walls. Once you have a good shape of your choice, you can nail the bandage in the middle of the bandage so that you are not harmed. It sticks to your nail and you can pick it up and do whatever you want. Unfortunately, the peaks will always be there.

Help for example :)

Can I use a pin? They make small walls out of nails.

Ok me :)

Maybe you can frame it or put money in a cold glass container, or set up a tent at your desk.

Hang Vinyl On Wall