Hands-off means,

  • Definition of Hands-off: A term often applied to managers who are not directly involved in handling a situation in the workplace, allowing people involved to decide what to do.

Literal Meanings of Hands-off


Meanings of Hands:
  1. Take (something) and give (to someone)

  2. Hold (someone's hand) to guide you in a certain direction.

  3. Insert or roll (candle)

  4. The last part of a person's arm is outside the wrist, which includes the palms, fingers and thumbs.

  5. An hour or hour hand that indicates the passage of a unit of time.

  6. Used for the power to direct something.

  7. People's work, especially in art.

  8. A person who does manual work, especially in a factory, on a field or on a ship.

  9. A deck of cards is dealt to players in a deck of cards.

  10. The unit of measurement for a horse's height, which is equal to 4 inches (10.16 cm).

Sentences of Hands
  1. Drink all

  2. Put it back in the car

  3. Hands clasped!

  4. Guide him by the hand

  5. is used

  6. You are in charge of the day to day running of the house

  7. Stubborn hand

  8. A factory worker

  9. He has good hands

  10. There is no direct access per pony and with 17 hands it is the largest horse of Lingus Hof.

Synonyms of Hands

pointer, artisan, workwoman, give someone a hand, indicator, aid, hireling, index, power, working man, roustabout, unskilled worker, labourer, workman, control, let someone have, reach, employee, workperson, marker, give someone a helping hand, toss, charge, arrow, help, worker, hired hand, fist, palm


Meanings of Off:
  1. Disappears and often falls

  2. Located or driving in the direction of (main road or intersection)

  3. Remove or separate

  4. Half of the court (divided by the length) in which the batsman's feet point when he gets up to catch the ball.

  5. Feelings of low performance or feelings of dissatisfaction or incompetence.

  6. (Foods) are not fresh anymore.

  7. Located on the side of the vehicle which is usually away from the off side curb.

  8. Shameful or unfair

  9. From the destination or at a distance.

  10. To delete or disconnect

  11. Get out of the race or be out of the race.

  12. Stopped or stopped.

  13. Not working (from power tool or power adapter) or stopped working

  14. Access or own a limited amount of material goods or assets.

Sentences of Off
  1. Get out of bed

  2. Individual network cable

  3. He was threatened with seizure

  4. Bats in the cape are antagonistic and regular and completely deadly.

  5. Even the best athletes have a few days off

  6. The fish is a little loose

  7. The man escaped

Synonyms of Off

inequitable, unreasonable, putrescent, unsatisfactory, unjust, turned, rancid, to a distance, putrid, stale, away, from there, unjustifiable, spoiled, below the belt, from here, unjustified, uncalled for, unwarranted, unnecessary