What is Hands-free?

  • Hands-free definition is: Term used when you can use the phone without holding it in your hand.

Literal Meanings of Hands-free


Meanings of Hands:
  1. Take (something) and give (to someone)

  2. Hold (someone's) hand to guide you in a particular direction.

  3. Insert or roll (candle)

  4. The end of a person's arm extends beyond the wrist, including the palms, fingers, and thumbs.

  5. Clock or a hand of a clock that indicates the passage of a unit of time.

  6. Used for the power to direct something.

  7. People's work, especially in art.

  8. A person who does manual work, especially in a factory, on a field or on a ship.

Sentences of Hands
  1. Drink all

  2. Put it back in the car

  3. Hands clasped!

  4. Guide him by the hand

  5. is used

  6. You are in charge of the day to day running of the house

  7. Stubborn hand

  8. A factory worker

Synonyms of Hands

workwoman, manual worker, hireling, let someone have, operative, index, working man, roustabout, give someone a helping hand, charge, give someone assistance, worker, reach, fist, indicator, needle, assist, marker, labourer, aid, give


Meanings of Free:
  1. There is no commission or payment.

  2. With wet leaves

  3. Freedom from captivity, imprisonment or slavery.

  4. It is not in the hands of anyone else or who has the ability to do or do as he pleases.

  5. No or no longer locked or unlocked.

  6. Not bound or limited by any liability or responsibility.

  7. Not dependent or affected (a particular thing, generally undesirable)

  8. Available for reference or for free.

  9. Use luxury or spend without restriction.

  10. (Literally) without following the strict rules of the form.

  11. (Wind) is flying from a suitable direction to the direction or shore of the ship.

Sentences of Free
  1. Admission is free for women

  2. I kept it out of the air and traveled freely until I woke up

  3. He was released from prison

  4. I have no desire but to live happily and freely.

  5. Researchers release birds

  6. He spends his free time shopping

  7. Free membership

  8. Free treatment

  9. He is always free of his money

  10. Elliott felt that there was no free verse for this lion who wanted to do a good job.

  11. We have free air, the wind is light, but thick black clouds begin to rise and sometimes thunder flashes without glow.

Synonyms of Free

without charge, gratuitous, set free, giving, devoid of, bounteous, discharge, extravagant, lacking in, unstinting, not at work, lavish, free of charge, not tied up, not busy, generous, off work, off, at large, not working, at liberty, complimentary


Hands-free: What is the Meaning of Hands-free?

  1. Hands-free can be defined as, The term is used when you can use the phone without holding it in your hand.

Literal Meanings of Hands-free


Meanings of Hands:
  1. A person who does manual work, especially in a factory, on a farm or on a ship.

  2. A deck of cards deals with players in a deck of cards.

  3. A unit of measurement for a horse's height equal to 4 inches (10.16 cm).

  4. Pulling or rolling (wax).

Sentences of Hands
  1. Give everyone a drink

Synonyms of Hands

guide, responsibility, care, custody, present to, grasp, crewman, mitt, manus, khalasi, convey to, say-so, hand over to, mazdoor, sailor, management, metacarpus, arrow, field hand, rouseabout, mechanical


Meanings of Free:
  1. Able to do or do whatever he wants without being under the control of other people.

  2. Is not or is no longer locked or unlocked.

  3. Not subject to any responsibilities or obligations.

  4. Sent or not affected by (something unwanted).

  5. (Wind) Moving in the right direction on the side of the ship or on the ring.

  6. With a soft sheet.

  7. Providing for a specific purpose.

  8. Free from or.

Sentences of Free
  1. Researchers released the birds.

  2. I keep it out of the air and move freely until I stand up straight.

  3. Your inheritance saved you from financial hardship

  4. Without smoke

Synonyms of Free

on the house, bountiful, safe from, unshackled, gratis, disenthral, uncage, exempted from, for nothing, unleash, unfettered, contactable, exempt from, unaffected by, off duty, unshackle, immune to, turn loose, unencumbered by, sans, absolve of