Definition of Handling:

  1. Coordination and integration of operations such as un-packing, re-packing, packaging, and movement of materials or goods over short distances.

  2. The act of taking or holding something in the hands.

Synonyms of Handling

Accomplishment, Achievement, Action, Administration, Agency, Authority, Care, Caressing, Charge, Command, Commission, Completion, Conduct, Control, Custodianship, Direction, Discharge, Dispatch, Driving, Effectuation, Employment, Enactment, Execution, Exercise, Exploitation, Feeling, Fingering, Friction, Frottage, Functioning, Governance, Government, Guidance, Husbandry, Implementation, Intendance, Lead, Leading, Management, Managery, Managing, Manipulation, Means of dealing, Occupation, Operancy, Operation, Ordering, Oversight, Palpation, Performance, Performing, Perpetration, Petting, Pilotage, Practice, Pressure, Regulation, Responsibility, Rubbing, Running, Steerage, Steering, Stewardship, Stroking, Superintendence, Superintendency, Supervision, The conn, The helm, The wheel, Touching, Transaction, Treatment, Usage, Using, Utilization, Work, Working, Workings

How to use Handling in a sentence?

  1. And depleted uranium seemed harmless in routine handling - until several Italian soldiers who served in the Balkans died of leukemia.
  2. I didnt know if he had a good handling of the company and needed some help from me and my brother.
  3. In order to prevent burns and to ensure safe handling , please wear gloves when removing the hot pan from the oven.
  4. After arriving from overseas, the contents of the boxes required careful handling in order to not get damaged before reselling.

Meaning of Handling & Handling Definition