Definition of Handle:

  1. A name or nickname.

  2. The total amount of money bet over a particular time (typically at a casino) or at a particular sporting event.

  3. Drive or control (a vehicle).

  4. The full cost of an investment purchase.

  5. Feel or manipulate with the hands.

  6. Manage (a situation or problem).

  7. The part by which a thing is held, carried, or controlled.

  8. A large bottle in which liquor is sold, typically holding one half gallon.

Synonyms of Handle

Hold, Pick up, Grasp, Grip, Lift, Accomplish, Act toward, Administer, Aim, Air, Alibi, Analyze, Apology, Appellation, Appellative, Apply, Be in, Be responsible for, Bed, Bed down, Behave toward, Bestow, Bilge, Binomen, Binomial name, Blain, Bleb, Blind, Blister, Blob, Boss, Bow, Brandish, Break, Bridle, Brush, Bubble, Bulb, Bulge, Bulla, Bump, Bunch, Burl, Button, Buy and sell, Byname, Byword, Cahot, Call the signals, Canvass, Captain, Care for, Caress, Carry, Carry on, Carry out, Carry through, Chart a course, Chine, Cloak, Clump, Cognomen, Color, Come in contact, Command, Comment upon, Complete, Cond, Conduct, Condyle, Conn, Consider, Contend with, Control, Controvert, Convex, Cope with, Cover, Cover story, Cover-up, Coxswain, Criticize, Cryptonym, Curry, Currycomb, Deal by, Deal in, Deal with, Debate, Deliberate, Deliberate upon, Denomination, Descant, Designation, Device, Direct, Discharge, Discourse, Discourse about, Discuss, Dispatch, Dispense, Dispose of, Dissert, Dissertate, Do by, Do with, Dominate, Dowel, Drench, Drive, Ear, Employ, Empty title, Enact, Engineer, Epithet, Eponym, Euonym, Examine, Exchange views, Excuse, Execute, Exercise, Exert, Exploit, Facade, Feed, Feel, Feel of, Feint, Finger, Flange, Flap, Flick, Flourish, Fodder, Fondle, Front, Gall, Gentle, Gloss, Gnarl, Go into, Govern, Grasp, Grip, Groom, Guide, Guise, Haft, Harness, Have the conn, Head, Head up, Helm, Helve, Hill, Hilt, Hitch, Hold, Honor, Honorific, Hump, Hunch, Hyponym, Inquire into, Investigate, Job, Jog, Joggle, Knob, Knock around, Knot, Knur, Knurl, Label, Lame excuse, Lay, Lead, Lead on, Level, Lip, Litter, Locus standi, Loop, Lump, Make, Make go, Make the rules, Make use of, Manage, Maneuver, Manipulate, Market, Mask, Mastermind, Merchandise, Milk, Mole, Moniker, Mountain, Name, Namesake, Navigate, Nevus, Nomen, Nomen nudum, Nub, Nubbin, Nubble, Officer, Operate, Order, Ostensible motive, Oversee, Palm, Palpate, Papilloma, Pass under review, Pat, Paw, Peg, Perform, Perform on, Pilot, Play, Ply, Point, Poke at, Poor excuse, Practice, Prescribe, Pretense, Pretension, Pretext, Prod, Proper name, Proper noun, Protestation, Public motive, Pull the strings, Put-off, Quarterback, Rap, Reason, Reason about, Reason the point, Refuge, Regulate, Remark upon, Respond to, Retail, Review, Rib, Ridge, Ring, Rub down, Run, Saddle, Scientific name, Screen, Secret name, See to, Sell, Semblance, Serve, Shake, Sham, Shape a course, Shoulder, Show, Sift, Skipper, Smoke screen, Sobriquet, Spine, Stalking-horse, Steer, Steward, Stratagem, Stud, Study, Style, Subterfuge, Supervise, Survey, Swing, Tab, Tackle, Tag, Take, Take care of, Take command, Take the lead, Take up, Talk, Talk about, Talk of, Talk over, Tame, Tap, Tautonym, Tend, Test, Thresh out, Thumb, Title, Touch, Touch upon, Trade in, Traffic in, Train, Transact, Treat, Treat of, Trick, Trinomen, Trinomial name, Try, Tubercle, Tubercule, Twiddle, Use, Utilize, Varnish, Veil, Ventilate, Verruca, Vesicle, Wale, Wart, Water, Wave, Welt, Wholesale, Wield, Work, Write up, Yoke, Administer, Manage, Control, Conduct, Direct, Guide, Supervise, Oversee, Be in charge of, Take care of, Look after, Haft, Shank, Stock, Shaft, Grip, Handgrip, Hilt, Helve, Butt, Control, Drive, Steer, Operate, Manoeuvre, Manipulate, Name, Title, Term, Designation, Epithet, Label, Tag, Style, Sobriquet, Nickname, Byname

How to use Handle in a sentence?

  1. Where did you learn to handle a boat?.
  2. A lawyers ability to handle a case properly.
  3. Heavy paving slabs can be difficult to handle.
  4. The pan features helpful lifting handles.

Meaning of Handle & Handle Definition