Handheld computer

Handheld computer,

Definition of Handheld computer:

  1. Very small, lightweight device (such as the Palm Pilot) which provides functionality approaching that of a laptop computer. Features of modern handhelds include calendar and diary organizing, word processing, data management, remote access to firms network, internet access, wireless access, messaging, etc. Also called personal digital assistant (PDA).

How to use Handheld computer in a sentence?

  1. While on the bus, I used my handheld computer to look up the bus schedule and realized I boarded the wrong bus.
  2. The new phones, scheduled to hit the shelves next month, felt like handheld computer s that could make calls rather than phones.
  3. Our company just finished developing a great new inventory management system that includes labeling, organization, and new processes all managed on our new handheld computer s.

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