Definition of Hammer:

  1. When an investment is affected by a decrease in the stock market before the stock reaches a bottom price.

  2. Attack or criticize forcefully and relentlessly.

  3. A metal ball, typically weighing 16 pounds (7.3 kg), attached to a wire for throwing in an athletic contest.

  4. Another term for malleus.

  5. Hit or beat (something) with a hammer or similar object.

  6. A tool with a heavy metal head mounted at right angles at the end of a handle, used for jobs such as breaking things and driving in nails.

Synonyms of Hammer

Eustachian tube, Air hammer, Anvil, Assault, Attack, Auditory apparatus, Auditory canal, Auditory meatus, Auditory nerve, Auditory ossicles, Auditory tube, Auricle, Ball peen hammer, Bang, Barbarize, Basilar membrane, Baste, Batter, Beat, Beetle, Belabor, Bony labyrinth, Brutalize, Buffet, Burn, Butcher, Carry on, Cauliflower ear, Chipping hammer, Claw hammer, Cochlea, Conch, Concha, Destroy, Dig, Din, Ding, Drive, Drop hammer, Drub, Drudge, Drum, Drumhead, Ear, Ear lobe, Eardrum, Elaborate, Electric hammer, Endolymph, External ear, Fag, Fashion, Flail, Flap, Form, Go on, Grave, Grind, Grub, Hammer away, Incus, Inner ear, Jackhammer, Knock, Lambaste, Larrup, Lay waste, Lobe, Lobule, Loot, Lug, Mallet, Malleus, Mastoid process, Maul, Middle ear, Moil, Mug, Organ of Corti, Outer ear, Oval window, Paste, Patter, Peg, Peg away, Pelt, Perilymph, Pile hammer, Pillage, Pinna, Plod, Plug, Plug along, Plug away, Pommel, Pound, Pound away, Pulverize, Pummel, Rage, Raising hammer, Ramp, Rampage, Rant, Rap, Rape, Rave, Riot, Riveting hammer, Roar, Round window, Rubber mallet, Ruin, Sack, Savage, Secondary eardrum, Semicircular canals, Shape, Shell, Slaughter, Sledge, Sledgehammer, Slog, Sow chaos, Spank, Stamp, Stapes, Steam hammer, Stirrup, Stone hammer, Storm, Stutter, Tack hammer, Tear, Tear around, Terrorize, Thrash, Thresh, Thump, Toil, Travail, Triphammer, Tympanic cavity, Tympanic membrane, Tympanum, Vandalize, Vestibule, Violate, Wade through, Wallop, Whip, Work away, Wreck, Criticize, Censure, Attack, Condemn, Castigate, Chastise, Lambast, Pillory, Reprimand, Rebuke, Admonish, Remonstrate with, Take to task, Haul over the coals, Berate, Reproach, Reprove, Mallet, Beetle, Gavel, Beat, Forge, Shape, Form, Mould, Fashion, Make

How to use Hammer in a sentence?

  1. They are made by heating and hammering pieces of iron.
  2. And what about if the hockey was taking place on the same field that they were throwing the hammer and javelin.
  3. Grip pressure should be firm but not tight - about the way you would grip a hammers handle while driving nails.
  4. The findings are drawn from examination of the hammer, anvil and stirrup bones in the ears of Homo heidelbergensis fossils, also known as Boxgrove Man.

Meaning of Hammer & Hammer Definition