Hammer Candlestick

Hammer Candlestick,

Hammer Candlestick: What is the Meaning of Hammer Candlestick?

  • The hammer candle chart has a price pattern that occurs when the security trades at a price lower than its opening price but rallies during this period to get closer to its opening price. This pattern creates a hammer-shaped chandelier with a lower shadow that is at least twice the size of the original body. The body of the candle represents the difference between the opening and closing prices, while the shadows represent the highest and lowest prices for the period.

    • The hammer has a shorter real body and longer shadow.
    • The hammer hit after the price went down.
    • The hammer candle indicates that sellers entered the market during this period, but at the end of the trade, sales were absorbed and buyers pushed the price closer to the starting price.
    • The fence can be above or below the opening, although the fence should be close to the opening to keep the body small.
    • The lower shade should be the least affected.
    • The hammer plug indicates a possible reversal to the positive side. The price should start rising after the hammer strike, this is known as confirmation.

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