Halteres De Cimento

Halteres De Cimento

How to make 10 kg dumbbells at home

I saw a place where anyone who makes scales from cement and cans wants to know a certain amount for 10 kg: D

Ideal for slicing plastic, cans that usually hurt and end or run or as they are cut, such as for fish or other good cement, iron and other dumbbells, And gan recommend eating Dinheiro,

Ai a good advice for Halter Phaser Pairs.

You will need it

_ 2 25 mm PVC canoe crank, each about 35 cm.

_2 rail 3/8 or 16/5 45 cm.

_3 liter area

_3 liters crushed.

_2 liters of cement.

Iron Iron (4.8) and wire.

The first fog is sand, gravel and semen, after mixing well, put it in a bag and weigh up to 10 kg.

Place the iron rails in the PVC canopy and walk across the PVC canopy at each end of the rail.

Nine now faces bows like stir and mooring ropes, not metal hooks that fit into a PVC roof.

Make a braid like the ends of a circle or wire, do not place it in the middle of a plastic bowl, divide dry in the middle, 5 kg, mix in water and add to the bowl, medium or thin polyvinyl chloride. Save another purpose for a dry day. Let the hair dry without washing. Once dry, follow the other side of the umbrella or the same second post in the middle of another basin. Allow to dry for more than 24 washes. The deposit is carefully transferred, spoiled or melted like a plastic bowl. New tones from haltersss. You can change the brightness to your liking.


1 canoe

2 empty paint cans.




Make fashion

Weight or canoe

100 grams

In front of my cement

Place the scale in empty containers and add or add cement to complete the 4.95 kg + ma (2x) cans.

Take a canoe on mom

of the]

Tell me any doubts


Be careful and buy special lock changes.

Buy as much as possible.

If you do, you risk ruining your life or bringing peace.

If you take the food of prayer, you will never get out of it!

It is important not to overdo it by staying in the middle of the bar.

Needless to say, there is no danger to you, and no one nearby can drop the canoe (yes, see it happen).

Go to the bilds on both weekends and buy your stuff.

Ah year!

Halteres De Cimento