Definition of Halftone:

  1. Reproduction of a solid (continuous tone), real-life image, that has an infinite variety of shades or colors, into an image consisting of tiny dots. Commercial, inkjet, and laser printers cannot reproduce solid images without breaking them down into very small dots by using fine screens (grids). To create an illusion of shade, dots of different size are used because smaller dots look lighter and bigger dots look darker.

  2. A reproduction of a photograph or other image in which the various tones of gray or color are produced by variously sized dots of ink.

Synonyms of Halftone

Picture, Drawing, Sketch, Figure, Graphic, Maxwell triangle, Munsell scale, Chromatic circle, Chromatic spectrum, Chromaticity diagram, Color circle, Color cycle, Color index, Color mixture curve, Color solid, Color spectrum, Color system, Color triangle, Complementary color, Consecutive intervals, Degree, Demitint, Diapason, Diatessaron, Diatonic interval, Diatonic semitone, Enharmonic diesis, Enharmonic interval, Fifth, Fourth, Full color, Fundamental colors, Half step, Half tint, Hue cycle, Interval, Less semitone, Melodic interval, Metamer, Monochrome, Note, Octave, Parallel octaves, Primary, Primary color, Pure color, Second, Secondary, Secondary color, Semitone, Seventh, Sixth, Solar spectrum, Spectral color, Spectrum, Spectrum color, Step, Tertiary, Tertiary color, Third, Tone, Unison interval, Whole step

How to use Halftone in a sentence?

  1. Halftone illustrations.

Meaning of Halftone & Halftone Definition