Haku A Boy Or Girl

Haku A Boy Or Girl

Was Haku actually a girl? 3

I just watched the Haku & Zabuza series and I swear ... Haku looks like a girl! She also looks and feels like an anime girl.

If you are right !! You really look like a girl, even if it's a boy.

Haku must be a boy.

Kishimoto designed Haku as a girl, but he didn't want to kill Naruto's women. 3

No, no, but it really does.

Do you think we can call it the sun?

Although I wish it was a girl, she has this relationship with Zabuza .. I wish they were a couple (if Hako was a girl)

Haku is just a cute kid (very cute in my opinion).

Haku A Boy Or Girl

Haku A Boy Or Girl

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. That's why Naruto first believed he was one of them. He was always a tough guy.

When I first saw Haku, I knew it was a girl ... so he told Naruto that it was a boy ...

She should look like a girl (Naruto says she is more of a girl than Sakura)

But it's always a boy

She is a girl, hahaha ... but due to some difficulties she decided to become a boy.

Some men have long faces and hair.

The idea was that he was such a pure and innocent boy that he did not actually have sex.

Haku A Boy Or Girl