Haggle means,

  1. Negotiations take place when the two parties involved in the transaction, such as the purchase of goods and services, negotiate a price unless both parties agree on a reasonable price. The negotiation process involves two parties until the price is agreed. People who try to buy goods and services try to pay the minimum price, while the seller's main goal is to maximize the selling price. Bargaining is also known as bargaining, fraud, bargaining or informal bargaining.

  2. Meaning of Haggle: Negotiate someone's price until you reach a mutually acceptable price.

Meanings of Haggle

  1. Especially discussing or negotiating the price of something.

  2. Negotiations are underway.

Sentences of Haggle

  1. Both sides are fighting for the rights of television

  2. Inevitable and time-consuming negotiations

Synonyms of Haggle

bargain, dicker , negotiate, barter, palter , quibble , dispute , horse-trade , barter , discuss terms, hammer out a deal , wrangle, bargain , make a deal , cavil , deal , wrangle , quibble, squabble , chaffer