Habilitative/Habilitation Services

Habilitative/Habilitation Services,

What is The Definition of Habilitative/Habilitation Services?

Health services that help maintain, acquire or improve skills and functions in everyday life.

Literal Meanings of Habilitative/Habilitation Services


Sentences of Habilitation
  1. He presented a dissertation on resettlement at the University of Berlin, but it was not immediately accepted.

  2. In 1847, Eisenstein completed his studies at the University of Berlin and began teaching.

  3. In 1912 he submitted his approval to the University of Gttingen, where he obtained a teaching license, which he did as a private tutor.

  4. After completing his doctorate, Newman completed his residency and presented his dissertation at Hayley University.

  5. Wertinger studied at the University of Vienna, where he received his doctorate in 1887 and completed his residency in 1890.

  6. Frank completed his residency and in 1910 became a professor at the University of Vienna.

  7. He spent time in Warsaw and Krakow and received his confession on June 26 and began teaching as a guide.

  8. He completed his education in Zurich, where he completed his residency and thus obtained a university teaching license.

  9. He then transferred to Moscow University, where he completed his residency.