Guinea Franc (GNF)

Guinea Franc (GNF),

How Do You Define Guinea Franc (GNF)?

GNF stands for Guyana, the national currency of the Republic of Guinea, a West African country.

Literal Meanings of Guinea Franc (GNF)


Meanings of Guinea:
  1. Today, 5 1.05 (21 shillings in pre-decimal currency) is mainly used to determine auction fees and prices. An ancient English gold coin, first denominated in cash with gold imported from West Africa in 1663, was later valued at 21 shillings. He was then replaced by the ruler of 1817.

  2. An immigrant from Italy or elsewhere in southern Europe.

  3. A country on the west coast of Africa with a population of 12,600,000 (2015 estimates).

Sentences of Guinea
  1. Others include peas, pennies, oxfords, crowns, guilders, shells, guinea pigs and pounds.


Meanings of Franc:
  1. The basic currency is 100 cents for Switzerland and some other countries (including France, Belgium and Luxembourg until the introduction of the euro).

Sentences of Franc
  1. There were no long lines or waves of customers at the bank seeking to exchange the Luxembourg franc for the euro last week.


Meanings of GNF:
  1. Guyana France (languages)