Guide For Choosing The Perfect Seperates For Women

Unlike men, women have to consider a lot of things when making an outfit, especially Pakistani women. A woman wants to look perfect from head to toe. Women’s separates like shoes, dupatta, pants, shirt and even jewelry should be in complete sync. However, some clothing is given more attention than others, like pants or dupattas because they are often hidden by the shirt or long hair. Nevertheless, an outfit can only be perfect if every party of it given attention and looks its best.

The salwar kameez is one of the most common clothing for Pakistani women. The modernized appearance of this clothing today relies on different styles of pants/pajamas/shalwars and dupattas. Some women don’t even like wearing dupatta but after reading this guide you will have no issue wearing one as it will only better the outfit. However, if you think you can wear one designer dupattaand pants with every outfit, then you are wrong. You can match one dupatta and pajama with numerous outfits but not all of them. It’s okay if you are confused because we will clarify everything there is to know about making outfits with pants and dupattas in a moment. Be it a Lehenga choli, a Kurtis mirror work, or a Kameez salwar work. Decorated with one of the various spectacular dupattas at weddings and other special events.

How to pick a dupatta for the kameez designer according to the following ideas.

Follow the pattern

Pakistani clothes and winter accessories for women have different designs, if you are buying pants and dupattas separately, it’s important to match each one of them according to the pattern. For your salwar kameez, there are several dupatta and shalwar styles. The floral print dupatta that blends best with a simple kurta kameez is one kind. You may also select a solid-colored one with no patterns at all, but the color should match the Kurti. For churidar or Punjabi suits, it is a nice look as they are simple and colorful. You can even match them in a soft fabric tulip shalwar to get a stunning formal look. A dyed designer dupatta print is another lovely pattern that is beautiful with the festive features. Lastly, for attending parties and other enjoyable activities, explore multiple combinations for the best possible outfits.

Selecting according to the fabric

Banarasi silk or cotton is a common type of fabric and a viable option for most people in pants or shalwar. Chiffon is the best fabric for dupattas in Pakistan. All of these fabrics complement the rich look for wedding parties and festivals. It is also a nice look for casual events and social gatherings. Dupatta and the pants of the outfit don’t have to be the same fabric, often they are different. Fancy dupattas are usually made from net-type fabrics or silk. Pompoms, laces, tassels and different ornaments can be used on both dupattas and shalwars. However, the ornaments should be the same theme as the other accessories.

Pick according to your style

The style of a dupatta or shalwar which suits your Salwar kameez outfit is important to remember. Special stitching and cuts like tulip cuts or churidar pajamas enhance the style of the outfit. You may want a dupatta that is not stiff and has good flow so you can wear it in a number of ways. Both dupatta and pants for women can be embroidered for a royal feel. More embroidery makes the outfit more premiums as it shows more work put into the clothing.

Weather is important

Though most find dupatta and shalwars as items that appeal visually to the person wearing them they do play an important part in comfort. Dupattas can be irritating in the summers if the fabric is warm, the same goes with the shalwars. In addition, it shields the skin from explicit sun damage. It is also necessary to take account of the temperature. E.g., on a hot day, a cotton dupatta or a chiffon dupatta is a good choice. The cold seasons are wet, dense, and sturdy for Wool and velvet pants and Dupattas. Choose the ones that make you look brilliant and are useful with the season.

Know your size

We all know that dupattas don’t have a size but shalwars can look very unpleasant if they are too long or short. Always buy shalwars that fit you perfectly as the fitting can impact the whole outfit. Especially when buying ready-made clothing, always be vigilant about the right size because without the right size you cannot make the statement you want.