1. The publicly traded company's advice is a report on how much profit its shareholders expect in the next quarter or year. These reports are also known as profit forecasts or future waiting statements and usually include forecast earnings, projected earnings and forecast investments.

    • The guide predicts the company's revenue for the current quarter.
    • It is usually published immediately after the last quarter's results and is discussed at a meeting between company leaders and analysts.
    • Corporate boards often change the ranking of analysts for better or worse.

Meanings of Guidance

  1. Advice or information on solving problems or difficulties, especially from the person in charge.

  2. The direction or location of an object, especially a missile.

Sentences of Guidance

  1. Ask your father for inspiration and advice

  2. Surface-to-air missile guidance system

Synonyms of Guidance

advice, leadership, intelligence, teaching, intelligence , conduct , instruction , management , navigation , conveyance , government, command, enlightenment, information, orchestration, government , advice , control, counsel, counselling, direction , teaching , superintendence, rule, leadership , supervision