Guests' Property, Premises

Guests' Property, Premises,

What is The Meaning of Guests' Property, Premises?

A simple definition of Guests' Property, Premises is: Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) form which includes guest property inside or outside the insured premises.

Literal Meanings of Guests' Property, Premises


Meanings of Guests:
  1. Appearing as a temporary or guest artist or participating in radio or television programs or other entertainment programs.

  2. Someone has been invited to meet someone or attend a special social event.

  3. A person who stays in a hotel or guest house.

  4. Small invertebrates that remain in the anthelms.

Sentences of Guests
  1. I have two dinner guests

  2. Discount for guests of seven nights or more

  3. All guest ants should avoid being eaten by their hosts.

Synonyms of Guests

caller, client, person staying, visitor, patron


Meanings of Property:
  1. Something or things that are collectively owned by someone.

  2. Attribute, quality or attribute of something.

Sentences of Property
  1. He wants to get Oliver and his belongings out of the house

  2. Heat properties to evenly increase the metal

Synonyms of Property

goods, characteristic, worldly goods, hallmark, possessions, belongings, personal effects, chattels, quality, stuff, trait, mark, effects, things, feature, power, attribute, movables


Meanings of Premises:
  1. A house or building and its lands and annexes that are owned by a company or seen in a government context.

Sentences of Premises
  1. Office building

Synonyms of Premises

building, site, buildings, property, place, establishment, office