Guest Voluntary Settlement, Aircraft

Guest Voluntary Settlement, Aircraft,

Guest Voluntary Settlement, Aircraft Meanings:

Guest Voluntary Settlement, Aircraft can be defined as, Aviation liability insurance that provides additional coverage that offers special payments for passengers who suffer from certain types of injuries, such as eye, hand or leg damage as a result of a plane crash. Insurance coverage is unconditional and the passenger must waive the right to sue the insurer for payment.

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Meanings of Guest:
  1. One person is invited to visit the house or participate in another person's program.

  2. Show as a guest.

Sentences of Guest
  1. I have two dinner guests tonight

Synonyms of Guest

visitor, caller


Meanings of Voluntary:
  1. A single organ paid before, after or after any service.

  2. Custom made, given or executed.

Sentences of Voluntary
  1. Lara whistled, thought in a low voice, but was picked up by a microphone and resonated in the church through volunteer organs.

  2. We provide financial support through voluntary partnerships

Synonyms of Voluntary

non-compulsory, up to the individual, at one's discretion, discretionary, elective, open, open to choice, non-mandatory, optional, volitional, not required


Meanings of Settlement:
  1. Once an uninhabited place where a community meets.

  2. An agreement in which the property is transferred to private ownership in a settlement agreement.

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Sentences of Settlement
  1. The union reached a wage agreement

  2. Small town butterere

  3. Inheritance tax can be paid if you make a significant contribution or payment and it dies within the next seven years.

  4. Most providers offer prepaid discounts

  5. The cracked exterior wall needs to be replaced

Synonyms of Settlement

pact, clearing, arrangement, settling, colony, understanding, resolution, discharge, satisfaction, defrayal, liquidation, encampment, accommodation, clearance, deal, community, agreement, settling up, outpost, bargain, payment


Meanings of Aircraft:
  1. Airplanes, helicopters or other aircraft-capable machines.

Sentences of Aircraft
  1. With this jumbo test flight gearbox, the plane cannot reach any height.