• Meaning of GUEST LAWS: In half the states, guest laws restrict the right to compensate guests in motor vehicles (passengers in vehicles other than the driver), leaving the guest with a burden of proof of gross negligence on the part of the driver. Some laws even require that evidence of gross negligence should be intentional, not the driver's fault. Guests may be affected by the influence of the law on the relationship between the owner or the driver and the passenger: Does the employer, employee or principal have joint ownership or the right to control the amount or other benefits of the vehicle? About the application of host law.

Literal Meanings of GUEST LAWS


Meanings of GUEST:
  1. One person is invited to visit home or attend an event, another to arrange.

  2. Show as a guest.

Sentences of GUEST
  1. I have two dinner guests tonight

Synonyms of GUEST

visitor, caller


Meanings of LAWS:
  1. A system of rules that a particular country or community has recognized as the actions of its members and can be enforced through sanctions.

  2. Rules that describe the right behavior or conduct in a game.

  3. A factual statement, derived from observation, is that whenever certain conditions are satisfied, some natural or scientific phenomena are found.

  4. The order of God's commandments is expressed in the Bible or other religious texts.

  5. A mound, usually round or conical.

Sentences of LAWS
  1. It is illegal to shoot birds

  2. Sports Law

  3. The Second Amendment Law

  4. Morally, Simon was probably an antinomian, an enemy of Old Testament law.

  5. Today I walked in Northbrook Law

Synonyms of LAWS

prescription, verity, guideline, eminence, rise, belief, commandment, charter, regulation, principle, doctrine, direction, fact, certitude, mesa, system of laws, standard, knoll, tump, rules and regulations, credo, hillock, legislation