Definition of Guardian:

  1. A defender, protector, or keeper.

  2. Person who has the legal authority or is lawfully charged with the duty of caring a another person and/or his or her property due to that persons disability, incapacity, or infancy.

Synonyms of Guardian

Protector, Defender, Preserver, Champion, Custodian, Warden, Guard, Keeper, MC, Air warden, Ancestral spirits, Angel, Attendant, Attendant godling, Attorney, Bailiff, Bull, Butler, Caretaker, Castellan, Cerberus, Champion, Commandant, Conservator, Control, Covering, Croupier, Curator, Custodial, Custodian, Custos, Daemon, Defender, Defensive, Demon, Emcee, Factor, Fairy godmother, Familiar, Familiar spirit, Forest ranger, Fostering, Game warden, Gamekeeper, Gaoler, Genius, Genius domus, Genius loci, Good angel, Good genius, Governor, Guard, Guardian angel, Guardian spirit, Guarding, Guide, Household gods, Housekeeper, Immunizing, Invisible helper, Jailer, Janitor, Keeper, Landreeve, Lares and penates, Lares compitales, Lares familiaris, Lares permarini, Lares praestites, Lares viales, Librarian, Lifeguard, Lifesaver, Majordomo, Manes, Master of ceremonies, Ministering angel, Next friend, Numen, Paladin, Parental, Penates, Preserver, Preventive, Principal keeper, Prison guard, Prochein ami, Proctor, Procurator, Prophylactic, Protecting, Protective, Protector, Ranger, Safeguarding, Screening, Screw, Seneschal, Sheltering, Shepherd, Shielding, Special providence, Steward, Totem, Trustee, Turnkey, Tutelar god, Tutelary, Vigilant, Warden, Warder, Watchdog, Watchful

How to use Guardian in a sentence?

  1. Self-appointed guardians of public morality.

Meaning of Guardian & Guardian Definition


What is The Definition of Guardian?

  • A person responsible for an incompetent adult or child or a person designated by law. When one parent dies, the other parents are usually the parents. If both die, he was usually a close relative.

Meanings of Guardian

  1. A protector, protector or guardian.

Sentences of Guardian

  1. Sovereign guardian of public morality