Definition of Guarded:

  1. Covered, enclosed, fenced, shielded, or protected in any way, by means of barriers, casings, covers, mats, platforms, rails, or screens, to minimize or eliminate the possibility of approach to a point of danger, or harm by people or objects.

  2. Cautious and having possible reservations.

Synonyms of Guarded

Argus-eyed, Olympian, All ears, All eyes, Aloof, Apprehensive, Armed, Arrested, Aux aguets, Backward, Bashful, Blank, Bridled, Buried, Cagey, Calculating, Canny, Careful, Cautious, Chary, Chilled, Chilly, Circumspect, Cloaked, Cold, Concealed, Considerate, Constrained, Controlled, Cool, Copyrighted, Covered, Covert, Curbed, Custodial, Defended, Deliberate, Detached, Discreet, Disinclined to believe, Disposed to doubt, Distant, Eagle-eyed, Expressionless, Forbidding, Frigid, Frosty, Gingerly, Hard of belief, Hawk-eyed, Heedful, Hesitant, Hidden, Icy, Impassive, Impersonal, Impervious to persuasion, In check, In leading strings, In remission, Inaccessible, Inconvincible, Incredulous, Inhibited, Introverted, Invulnerable, Judicious, Keen-eyed, Leaving out nothing, Leery, Lidless, Loath, Mindful, Modest, Noncommittal, Obscured, Observant, Offish, On guard, On leash, On the lookout, On the watch, Open-eyed, Overlooking no possibility, Patented, Pawky, Pent-up, Policed, Politic, Privy, Protected, Prudent, Regardful, Reluctant, Remote, Removed, Repressed, Reserved, Restrained, Retarded, Reticent, Retiring, Safe, Safeguarded, Screened, Sharp-eyed, Sheltered, Shielded, Shrinking, Shrouded, Shy of belief, Skeptical, Sleepless, Slow to act, Slowed down, Standoff, Standoffish, Subdued, Suppressed, Suspecting, Suspicious, Tentative, Thorough, Unadventurous, Unaffable, Unapproachable, Uncommunicative, Uncongenial, Unconvincible, Uncredulous, Undaring, Undemonstrative, Under control, Under discipline, Under restraint, Unenterprising, Unexpansive, Ungenial, Unpersuadable, Unpersuasible, Unprecipitate, Unwilling to accept, Vigilant, Wary, Watchful, With open eyes, Withdrawn, Cautious, Careful, Circumspect, Wary, Chary, Reluctant, Non-committal, Reticent, Restrained, Reserved, Controlled, Moderate, Discreet, Unrevealing, Vague, Diplomatic, Prudent, Politic, Tactful

How to use Guarded in a sentence?

  1. He has given a guarded welcome to the idea.

Meaning of Guarded & Guarded Definition