What is The Meaning of Guarantees?

  1. Guarantees refers to A company usually makes a written promise to a customer that something has a quality, content, use, or is satisfied, worked, or produced in a certain way. The warranty also states what happens if the buyer is not satisfied with the purchase.

Meanings of Guarantees

  1. Make regular commitments, including compliance with certain terms and conditions relating to a product, service or transaction.

  2. I definitely promise.

  3. A formal guarantee (usually in writing) that certain conditions have been met, especially if a product is not repaired or replaced.

  4. Obligation to repay or fulfill third party loans or obligations in the event of default by the responsible user. Anything that acts as a suicide attack.

Sentences of Guarantees

  1. The company guarantees your money back

  2. No one can guarantee a profit from stocks and shares

  3. We offer a 10 year warranty against rust.

Synonyms of Guarantees

warranty, collateral , warranty , word , lock , give a pledge, pipe , recognizance , vow, commitment, pledge, earnest , warrant , understanding, settlement, covenant , certification , surety , promise, insurance , word of honor , deposit , cross one's heart and hope to die, security , ■■■■ , bond, undertaking, undertaking , give assurances

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