Guaranteed Pension Annuity

Guaranteed Pension Annuity,

What Does Guaranteed Pension Annuity Mean?

This is our traditional pension, see traditional pension. In general, it ensures a steady income. This is how your earnings can stay the same, increase by a certain percentage each year, or change annually based on the Retail Price Index (RPI).

Literal Meanings of Guaranteed Pension Annuity


Meanings of Guaranteed:
  1. Therefore, formal guarantees are provided.


Meanings of Pension:
  1. Dismissing someone, mainly because of their age or health problems, and paying child support.

  2. Regular retirement payments from a person's investment funds made by that person or their employer during their tenure.

  3. Pensions in France and other European countries, full or partial pensions at a fixed rate.

Sentences of Pension
  1. He retired from the army at the end of the war

  2. A permanent contribution to the guarantee of old age is a guarantee of old age.

  3. Of course it is a beautiful and clearly Austrian city, with lots of inns, hotels and restaurants for travelers.


Meanings of Annuity:
  1. A type of insurance or investment that entitles the investor to a variety of annual payments.

Sentences of Annuity
  1. If investors want to invest most of their savings faster, they should invest the money annually.

  2. Equity is expected to come up with a proposal for the first expensive pension insurance that the company can no longer afford.

  3. If they want to save, they can do so and, before retirement, decide whether to spend money or buy retirement money.

  4. When they retire, savers can choose a fixed or variable pension.

  5. If you receive a tax-free tax, you will usually have to make an annual purchase with the remaining funds.

  6. There may be a fixed rate on tax-exempt benefits or a variable product with sub-accounts.

  7. Beneficiaries can often convert an annual amount into an annual amount, but they will ignore the health reduction, for example.

  8. Pensions on which retirees buy fixed income may also vary.

  9. He said the funds would be used to guarantee pensions for the elderly, who are annuals and principals.

Synonyms of Annuity

consideration, sum of money, grant, contribution, subsidy, subsistence, maintenance, upkeep, financial support, benefit, stipend, pocket money, remittance, pension, annuity, handout, expenses, keep