Guaranteed Issue Right

Guaranteed Issue Right,

What is The Meaning of Guaranteed Issue Right?

Guaranteed Issue Right means: The applicant's right to take out insurance without a physical examination of his current and past physical condition will not be considered.

Literal Meanings of Guaranteed Issue Right


Meanings of Guaranteed:
  1. For this reason, a guarantee is provided with government insurance.


Meanings of Issue:
  1. Important topics or topics that need to be discussed or debated.

  2. Provide or distribute items for official use, sale, or purposes.

  3. The result or effect of something.

  4. The act of entering or leaving.

  5. Your own children

  6. Provide or distribute (some)

  7. Come, go or go.

Sentences of Issue
  1. The problem of global warming

  2. Promise note issued by the bank

  3. The chances of starting such a project are slim

  4. Heart of trouble

  5. The man died without worries

  6. Each company is licensed at random

  7. Exotic smell from the neighboring building

Synonyms of Issue

matter, matter in question, affair, business, subject, topic, question, point, point at issue, item, thing, case, concern, theme, issuing, issuance, publication, publishing, result, outcome, consequence, end result, net result, upshot, effect


Meanings of Right:
  1. Ethically, justified or acceptable.

  2. True or false.

  3. Satisfactory, healthy or normal.

  4. Above, towards the human body or object or towards the side which is in the east when the person or object is facing north.

  5. Absolute fullness (used to emphasize, usually in derogatory context)

  6. Prefer conservative or reactionary opinion.

  7. In broad or wide degree (used to emphasize)

  8. Correct

  9. Up or to the right.

  10. Is it morally correct, just or respectable?

  11. The moral or legal right to own or receive something or to act in a particular way.

  12. Right section, side or direction.

  13. A group or party that supports conservative or reactionary ideologies.

  14. Return to normal or vertical position.

  15. It is used to indicate agreement or to confirm a statement or order.

Sentences of Right
  1. I hope I did the right thing

  2. I'm not sure I know the right answer

  3. This sausage stinks

  4. My right elbow

  5. Is it politically right, left or center?

  6. The car derailed

  7. He hit

  8. Turn right onto Main Street

  9. He could not understand the difference between right and wrong

  10. He has every right to be angry

Synonyms of Right

just, fair, equitable, good, upright, righteous, virtuous, proper, moral, morally justified, ethical, honourable, honest, principled, correct, accurate, without error, unerring, exact, precise, healthy, in good health