Guaranteed Insurability Option

Guaranteed Insurability Option,

What is The Meaning of Guaranteed Insurability Option?

Guaranteed Insurability Option means: Guaranteed insurance option is the confirmation of an insurance policy which requires the insurance company to extend the policy for a specified period, regardless of changes in the insurer's health. In the case of life insurance with this option it says:

  • The insurer cannot make any change other than a change in premium, which applies to all classes or categories or the insured.
  • The insured must pay a premium.

It can also be referred to as guarantee termination options, conversion risk insurance, renewable risk insurance or conversion entitlement risk insurance.

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Meanings of Guaranteed:
  1. Because of this, you get an officially guaranteed guarantee.


Meanings of Option:
  1. Aggressive game where the ball carrier has the option to run, pass, pass or play late.

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  1. Choose the cheapest option for power supply

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choice, alternative, recourse, possibility, course of action