Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP),

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) Definition:

  • You can define Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) as, Insurance that covers the difference between the actual current value (ACV) of a damaged or stolen vehicle and the amount owed on the loan or lease. This discrepancy is due to the rapid decline of most cars in the first few years and can be a problem if the car is destroyed or stolen in an accident and does not return. Limit coverage is often sold by credit unions and auto finance companies, and is usually purchased from a rental car. For example, if a rental car is stolen for 000 20,000, the part of the car policy that damages the property pays 000 20,000, with no deductions. ۔ However, if the rent is still 25,000, the policyholder will be further liable for 5,000. GAP Insurance will pay an additional 000 5,000 to the leasing company. In recent years, GAP insurance has been introduced as part of commercial or personal car insurance.

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Meanings of Guaranteed:
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Meanings of Protection:
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