Guapisima Meaning

Guapisima Meaning

What do you mean? 3


Here in Mexico we say you are beautiful, when a girl is very beautiful you know she is very normal ie you are very beautiful

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Very beautiful very beautiful

To be is a form of the verb which means to be. So this is you

Beautiful means beautiful and with this context it means very beautiful.

You are really beautiful / attractive / beautiful!

It is also feminine. When you talk to a guy you say you are beautiful!

Guapisima Meaning

Guapisima Meaning

You are very beautiful (for a woman).

The word guapáƒásima comes from beautiful, which is a feminine form of beautiful

GuapÃÃÂsima means very beautiful.


You and beautiful.

You and beautiful.

You are a beautiful girl.

What helps, for example.

you are so pretty.

Are you so beautiful?

Guapisima Meaning