Guía Telefónica Telecentro

Guía Telefónica Telecentro

Where is the telephone directory of TELECENTRO (Argentina)? 3

Can anyone tell? Because they don't answer in TELECENTRO and don't appear in Nina section for TELECENTRO !!! It's like a mobile guide ...

Could this really be a bad past?


To find a phone number I never found !!!!! It is good !!!!!

I'm a telecentre user and as far as I know there is no phone book and there really should be one.

The telecentro is the largest cover in national history.


Hahahaha, I doubt they will. They have blindfolds, kites and thorns and poison in their feet.

I don't think it's bigger than CabkevisionMultic and what's left ...

Back to the topic, not against the Telecentre Guide. I should!

I have a telecentre and you know it's not ... and I prefer it :)

Telecentro is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!

Guía Telefónica Telecentro