Growth Stock

Growth Stock,

Growth Stock: What is the Meaning of Growth Stock?

  1. They are generally well-known and successful companies that show rapid revenue and revenue growth and usually offer little or no profit.

Literal Meanings of Growth Stock


Meanings of Growth:
  1. The process of increasing body size.

  2. Anything that grew or developed.

  3. A vineyard or a special quality class or related grape crop.

Sentences of Growth
  1. Top growth of the plant

  2. One day with the growth of the chin on the chin

  3. All legally designated champagne areas are classified as wines

Synonyms of Growth

magnification, heightening, ballooning, broadening, widening, thickening, extension, swelling, growing


Meanings of Stock:
  1. Maintain or maintain inventory available for sale (of a particular product or type, or products).

  2. Mount with stock (rifle or other firearm).

  3. Goods or equipment that is stored in a store or warehouse and available for sale or distribution.

  4. Capital is raised through the issuance and investment of shares by a company or corporation.

  5. A liquid that is slowly absorbed into the water from cooking bones, meat, fish or vegetables and is used as a base for making soups, sauces or sauces.

  6. A person's lineage or lineage.

  7. The living trunk or trunk of a tree or shrub, especially where the shoots are planted.

  8. European herbaceous plants are widely spread for their fragrant flowers, usually purple, pink or white.

  9. Punishment device with a wooden adjusting system with holes to protect a person's legs and arms, in which offenders face imprisonment and ridiculous or public assault.

  10. A rifle or other firearm is the part of the part whose barrel and firing mechanism are attached to the shoulder during firing.

Sentences of Stock
  1. Most supermarkets now sell a variety of organic products.

  2. It was a beautiful weapon that he forged, kept and completed

  3. The store has very little inventory business

  4. Between 1982 and 1986, the value of the company's shares increased by 86%

  5. Half a liter of chicken stock

  6. His mother is of French descent

  7. Many modern roses on the market today are printed on this stamp.

  8. To prolong the flowering period of pansies, broths, handouts, dandelions and other cold weather plants, cut the flowers as soon as they are cut.

Synonyms of Stock

worn out, handle, commonplace, butt, wares, line, market, derivative, tired, clich├ęd, ancestry, overused, standard, traditional, birth, origins, helve, heritage, routine, predictable, banal, items for sale, family, merchandise, bloodline, familiar, extraction, grip, assets, broth