Group-owned Captive

Group-owned Captive,

What is The Definition of Group-owned Captive?

  • Group-owned Captive means, More than one shareholder, or more than one member, in case of more than one organization.

Literal Meanings of Group-owned Captive


Meanings of Group:
  1. Find them or put them in one or more groups.

  2. Multiple people or nearby objects either seen or arranged together.

Sentences of Group
  1. These bodies are divided into four different groups

Synonyms of Group

mass, classification, variety, breed, family, cluster, type, genus, category, collect, kind, bracket, style, amass, assemble, species, set, clump, bunch, class, lot


Meanings of Owned:
  1. Keep (something) your own.

  2. Acknowledge or acknowledge that something is happening or that someone is feeling something special.

  3. Total defeat (opponent or rival) is absolutely correct.

  4. It is used to emphasize that someone or something belongs to the person or thing being mentioned.

Sentences of Owned
  1. Her father owns a restaurant

  2. He feels a deep jealousy

  3. Unable to take care of her children

Synonyms of Owned

enjoy, have in one's possession, have to one's name, allow, count among one's possessions, be the possessor of, be blessed with, confess, possess, be the owner of, recognize, concede, agree, grant, accede, have, admit, keep, maintain, acknowledge, hold, retain, accept, boast, be the proud possessor of


Meanings of Captive:
  1. A person who has been caught or a caged animal.

  2. Blocked or blocked.

Sentences of Captive
  1. Police handcuffed the detainees

  2. The courtyard was used to hold prisoners of war

Synonyms of Captive

locked up, confined, penned up, detainee, convict, prisoner, incarcerated, caged, inmate