Group Of Seven (G7)

Group Of Seven (G7)

The seven largest industrialized countries, excluding Russia and China.

Its members are the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Canada.

It holds an annual meeting of heads of state to discuss economic and political issues.

Literal Meanings of Group Of Seven (G7)


Meanings of Group:
  1. A collection of related things or people.

  2. A set with an associative binary operation in which there is an identity element and each element has an inverse.

  3. Effective divisor on a curve.

  4. A (usually small) group of people who make music together.

  5. A small number (up to fifty) galaxies are approaching each other.

  6. Column of the periodic table of chemical elements.

  7. Functional group.

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  9. Air Force training.

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  17. Form a group.

Sentences of Group
  1. A group of people gathered in front of parliament to oppose the prime minister's proposals.

  2. Have you seen the new jazz band yet?.

  3. Nitro is an electron-withdrawing group.

  4. Group the dogs by coat color.


Sentences of Of
  1. I found an excuse to stay out so late, but my wife didn't mind.

  2. Thanks for accepting me!.


Meanings of Seven:
  1. Number/number 7 or its occurrence.

  2. A card with seven points.

  3. The numerical value 7 is the number after six and before eight. This estimate: (•••••••).

  4. Describes a group or set of seven elements.

Sentences of Seven
  1. He wrote three sevens on paper.


Meanings of G:
  1. Bandit, bandit.

  2. Abbreviation for government spending.

  3. Games (statistics showing the number of games a player has played).

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  12. (Grammar) A noun used to express relationships such as possession or lineage. This roughly corresponds to the English preposition "of" and the suffix "s".

  13. Unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a kilogram. Symbol: mr.

  14. Legumes are grown for their seeds, especially chickpeas.

  15. Seeds of these plants.

  16. Grandma.

Group Of Seven (G7)