Group dynamics

Group dynamics,

Definition of Group dynamics:

  1. The processes involved when people in a group interact with each other, or the study of these.

  2. Field of study concerned with determination of laws underlying group behavior.

  3. Interaction of complex intra- and inter-personal forces operating in a group which determine its character, development, and long-term survival.

How to use Group dynamics in a sentence?

  1. The group dynamics displayed by the eclectic team was a joy to watch as we witnessed group bonding and enjoyment.
  2. It is often helpful to group dynamics to introduce games and exercises into group discussion.
  3. Knowing the group dynamics of your office will help you to delegate the responsibilities to the right people and places.
  4. Cindy started regularly attending PTA meetings again and Bruce soon realized how dramatically group dynamics changed for the better when she was gone and worsened when she returned.

Meaning of Group dynamics & Group dynamics Definition