Group Annuities – Unallocated

Group Annuities – Unallocated,

Definition of Group Annuities – Unallocated:

  1. Group Annuities – Unallocated definition is: Annual contract or part thereof, if the insurer receives the pension of the pensioner.\u0026list=OLAK5uy_m0N_g3tVHeHBRjV4dPDcWGPJSWnCMA9fU

Literal Meanings of Group Annuities – Unallocated


Meanings of Group:
  1. Find them or put them in one or more groups.

  2. Multiple people or nearby objects either seen or arranged together.

Sentences of Group
  1. There were three wooden chairs around the dining table

  2. These bodies are divided into four different groups

Synonyms of Group

set, kind, bunch, family, clump, batch, cluster, category, variety, genus, sort, bracket, breed, assemble, type, classification, species, collect, grouping, amass, lot, class, style, mass, gather together


Meanings of Unallocated:
  1. (Resources or work) not assigned.

Sentences of Unallocated
  1. The committee heard that Ms. Coles deliberately misled her staff about the number of cases that had not yet been cleared.

  2. Sources said that Deshmukh would request for an additional 15 per cent of the filled quota.

  3. I leave the remaining 25% of my time to them without any allowance.

  4. The National Party also does not have a system to know the number of nomination cases.

  5. The workload has increased dramatically to reduce the list of unscheduled cases.

  6. The government can nominate only two sites each year for World Heritage status, the first of which was awarded in 2008.

  7. He said efforts were being made with the union's energy department to generate an additional 500 MW of power from unspent funds.

  8. Additional staff will reduce the immovable case rate, which is currently close to 25% nationwide.