Group Annuities – Immediate Non-Variable And Variable

Group Annuities – Immediate Non-Variable And Variable,

How To Define Group Annuities – Immediate Non-Variable And Variable?

Group Annuities – Immediate Non-Variable And Variable refers to An annuity contract that provides for the deposit of funds based on guaranteed loan rates or additional interest rates for a particular counterpart, and (2) funds whose deposits have been selected by selected insurers. Depending on the return on the basic portfolio. . The agreement specifies the start of payments at certain intervals, which may vary. However, annual payments must begin within 13 months.

Literal Meanings of Group Annuities – Immediate Non-Variable And Variable


Meanings of Group:
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Meanings of Annuities:
  1. Usually for a lifetime, someone is paid a certain amount every year.

Sentences of Annuities
  1. You have a شن 1,000 pension

Synonyms of Annuities

sum of money, financial support, subsistence, payment, remittance, maintenance, annuity, benefit, expenses, pension, stipend, consideration, pocket money, subsidy, upkeep, contribution, keep, handout, grant


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