Definition of Ground:

  1. A prepared surface to which paint is applied.

  2. (with reference to a ship) run or go aground.

  3. Connect (an electrical device) with the ground.

  4. Factors forming a basis for action or the justification for a belief.

  5. Give (something abstract) a firm theoretical or practical basis.

  6. An area of land or sea used for a specified purpose.

  7. (of a batter) hit a pitched ball so that it bounces on the ground.

  8. Electricity conducting connection between an electrical circuit and earth, or to some other large conducing body.

  9. Place or lay (something) on the ground or hit the ground with it.

  10. Electrical connection of a circuit or conductor to the earth.

  11. An area of knowledge or subject of discussion or thought.

  12. The solid surface of the earth.

  13. Prohibit or prevent (a pilot or an aircraft) from flying.

  14. Short for ground bass.

  15. Solid particles, especially of ground coffee, that form a residue; sediment.

Synonyms of Ground

Bassalia, A priori principle, Abyss, Abyssal zone, Acres, Affirmation, Agora, Air brush, Airspace, Alluvion, Alluvium, Ambition, Amphitheater, Angle, Antecedent, Antecedents, Apriorism, Arable land, Area, Arena, Argument, Art paper, Aspiration, Assertion, Assumed position, Assumption, Athletic field, Auditorium, Axiom, Back, Backdrop, Background, Base, Basement, Basin, Basis, Bathyal zone, Beach, Bear garden, Bearing wall, Bed, Bedding, Bedrock, Belt, Benthos, Billiard table, Blow down, Blow over, Bottom, Bottom waters, Bottomless depths, Bottommost, Bowl, Bowl down, Bowl over, Bowling green, Boxing ring, Branny, Bring down, Broaden the mind, Brush, Build, Build in, Bull ring, Bulldog, Call, Calling, Camera lucida, Camera obscura, Campus, Canvas, Carpet, Cast away, Cast down, Catechize, Categorical proposition, Causation, Cause, Cause and effect, Chalk, Chalklike, Chalky, Channel, Charcoal, Chop down, Chromogen, Cincture, Circus, Civilize, Clay, Clod, Close, Coach, Coat, Coat of paint, Coating, Cockpit, Coliseum, Color, Color filter, Color gelatin, Colorant, Coloring, Colosseum, Comminute, Comminuted, Compass, Confine, Confines, Confirm, Consideration, Container, Continental shelf, Coop, Corridor, Coulee, Country, Course, Court, Courtyard, Cover, Crayon, Crushed, Crust, Curtilage, Cut down, Dash down, Data, Dead flat, Dead level, Dead-color, Deck, Deep-dye, Define, Delimited field, Demonstrate, Demonstration, Department, Deposit, Determinant, Determinative, Detrital, Detrited, Direct, Dirt, Disintegrated, Distance, Distemper, District, Division, Down, Drawing paper, Drawing pencil, Dregs, Drier, Drop, Dry land, Dust, Dusty, Dye, Dyestuff, Earth, Easel, Edify, Educate, Efflorescent, Element, Embed, Enclave, Enclosure, Engraft, Engrave, Enlighten, Entrench, Environs, Esplanade, Establish, Etch, Etiology, Evidence, Excuse, Exterior paint, Factor, Farinaceous, Fell, Fetch down, Field, Fine, First principles, Fix, Fixative, Flaky, Flat, Flat coat, Flat wash, Flatland, Flatten, Floor, Floor covering, Floor enamel, Flooring, Floury, Fold, Fond, Footing, Forum, Found, Foundation, Freehold, Fundament, Fundamental, Furfuraceous, Give instruction, Give lessons in, Glebe, Goal, Gone to dust, Good reason, Grassland, Grated, Grounds, Groundwork, Guide, Guiding light, Guiding star, Gym, Gymnasium, Hall, Hardpan, Heartland, Hew down, Hinterland, Hippodrome, Homaloid, Horizontal, Horizontal axis, Horizontal fault, Horizontal line, Horizontal parallax, Horizontal plane, Horizontal projection, Hypothesis, Hypothesis ad hoc, Ideal, Illumine, Impact, Impalpable, Implant, Impress, Imprint, Infix, Inform, Infrastructure, Ingrain, Initiate, Inner space, Inscribe, Inspiration, Install, Instruct, Insulate, Intention, Interior paint, Invest, Isolate, Jam, Justification, Knock down, Land, Landholdings, Lay figure, Lay level, Lay low, Lay out, Lay the foundation, Ledge, Lees, Lemma, Level, Level line, Level plane, Levigated, List, Lists, Lithosphere, Loam, Locale, Lodestar, Lodge, Lowest, Mainspring, Major premise, Marginal land, Marketplace, Marl, Mat, Material basis, Matter, Maulstick, Mealy, Mean sea level, Medium, Milieu, Milled, Minor premise, Mise-en-scene, Mold, Motive, Mow down, Neighborhood, Nethermost, Occasion, Ocean bottom, Ocean depths, Ocean floor, Offshore rights, Opaque color, Open forum, Open the eyes, Organize, Pack, Paint, Paintbrush, Palaestra, Pale, Palette, Palette knife, Paling, Parade ground, Park, Parquet, Part, Parterre, Parts, Pastel, Pave, Pavement, Paving, Pelagic zone, Pen, Pencil, Perspective, Pestled, Philosopheme, Pigment, Pigments, Pile up, Pit, Pitch, Place, Plain, Plane, Plant, Platform, Position, Post, Postulate, Postulation, Postulatum, Powdered, Powdery, Prairie, Precinct, Precincts, Precipitate, Precipitation, Premise, Premises, Prepare, Presupposition, Prime coat, Primer, Priming, Principle, Print, Prize ring, Proof, Proposition, Propositional function, Prostrate, Public square, Pull down, Pulverant, Pulverized, Pulverulent, Purlieu, Purlieus, Put in, Put up, Quad, Quadrangle, Quarter, Radical, Range, Rase, Rationale, Raze, Real estate, Real property, Rear, Reason, Reduced to powder, Reeducate, Region, Regolith, Right, Ring, Riprap, Rock bottom, Rock-bottom, Root, Rudiment, Run aground, Sake, Salient, Scaly, Scene, Scene of action, Scenery, School, Scobicular, Scobiform, Scope, Score, Scratchboard, Scurfy, Sea level, Sea of grass, Seat, Section, Sediment, Send headlong, Set, Set in, Set right, Set up, Setting, Settle, Settlings, Sharded, Sharpen the wits, Shipwreck, Show, Show how, Shredded, Siccative, Sill, Site, Sketchbook, Sketchpad, Sod, Soil, Solid ground, Solid rock, Source, Space, Spatula, Sphere, Spray gun, Spread-eagle, Spring, Square, Squared circle, Stadium, Stage, Stage set, Stage setting, Stain, Stamp, Stand, Standing, Statement, Station, Status, Steppe, Stereobate, Stereotype, Stimulus, Strand, Stump, Stylobate, Subaerial deposit, Subsoil, Substance, Substratum, Substruction, Substructure, Sumption, Supinate, Supposal, Surfacing, Sustain, Table, Take down, Take the ground, Teach, Teach a lesson, Teach the rudiments, Tempera, Terra, Terra firma, Terrace, Terrain, Territory, Test, Testimony, The country, The deep, The deep sea, The deeps, The depths, Theater, Theorem, Thesis, Thinner, Three-mile limit, Throw, Throw down, Tilting ground, Tiltyard, Tinction, Tincture, Toft, Topple, Topsoil, Train, Transparent color, Trench, Trial, Trip, Triturated, Truth table, Truth-function, Truth-value, Tumble, Turf, Turpentine, Turps, Tutor, Twelve-mile limit, Ulterior motive, Underbuilding, Undercarriage, Undercoat, Undercoating, Undergirding, Undermost, Underpinning, Understruction, Understructure, Varnish, Vehicle, Venue, Vest, Vicinage, Vicinity, Viewpoint, Vocation, Walk, Warrant, Wash, Wash coat, Water level, Wedge, Whack down, Wherefore, Why, Whyfor, Woodland, Wreck, Wrestling ring, Yard, Zone, Floor, Earth, Terra firma, Prevent from flying, Keep on the ground, Sediment, Precipitate, Settlings, Dregs, Lees, Deposit, Residue, Sludge, Run aground, Become stranded, Run ashore, Beach, Become beached, Land, Be high and dry, Reason, Cause, Basis, Base, Foundation, Justification, Rationale, Argument, Premise, Occasion, Factor, Excuse, Pretext, Motive, Motivation, Inducement, Base, Found, Establish, Set, Settle, Root, Build, Construct, Form

How to use Ground in a sentence?

  1. The study of history must be grounded in a thorough knowledge of the past.
  2. Third-year courses typically cover less ground and go into more depth.
  3. Machines which presoak the coffee grounds produce a superior cup of coffee.
  4. A bitter wind blew from the northeast and the bombers were grounded.
  5. He lay on the ground.
  6. He grounded to second.
  7. Shore dumping can pollute fishing grounds and beaches.
  8. He was penalized two strokes for grounding his club in a bunker.
  9. There are some grounds for optimism.
  10. The method further includes contacting the second metallization layer with a conductive liquid that is electrically grounded.
  11. To create his paintings, he stencils wide bands and squares of colorful enamel paint over bright acrylic grounds.
  12. Rather than be blown up, Muller grounded his ship on a coral reef and surrendered.

Meaning of Ground & Ground Definition

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