Ground Turkey In Fridge For 7 Days

Ground Turkey In Fridge For 7 Days

Refrigerate turkey for 7 days? 3

I left a package of raw turkey in the fridge for 7 days. On the packaging is written Use / Freze 02/10/2014. Is it still safe to use? I know you can prepare raw meat within 23 days of purchase.

Once the meat leaves the warehouse, it will encounter different temperatures along the way and your refrigerator cannot keep items at the ideal uniform temperature (open several times a day) because it is in the warehouse. ۔ Therefore, they are advised to cook the meat in 3 to 4 days, although the expiration date may be longer.

If you believe the meat is transported quickly and stored in the back of the fridge, you will probably recover. Smell, see if it's a stick or a stick. If it stinks and sticks, throw it away. Turkey is so cheap that when you have doubts you can follow the rules, throw it away.

It's out of date, but it's not open and in the fridge. Personally, if you haven't passed your sniffing date, I'll use it.

Make sure it's cooked, not rose tea. Very easy with chopped meat.

As long as it's well packaged, that's fine. I opened it and let the scent help me decide and it was a little difficult for me to decide whether to use it or throw it away.

Ground Turkey In Fridge For 7 Days