Gross Value Added

Gross Value Added,

How To Define Gross Value Added?

Gross Value Added definition is: Gross Value Added (GVA) is a measure of economic productivity that caters to the partnership of a company, company or city in the economy, producer, sector or region. The aggregate value provides the dollar value for the quantity of goods and services produced in a country, minus the cost of those products and raw materials that can be directly attributed to its production.

  • The total surplus value is the negative temporary consumption in the country's production, which is the difference between the gross domestic product and the net production.
  • The overall surplus value is important because it is used to adjust the GDP, which is a key indicator of the state of a country's economy as a whole.
  • At the company level, GVA can also be used to measure how much a product or service contributes to meeting a company's fixed costs.

Literal Meanings of Gross Value Added


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