Gross Rate

Gross Rate,

What is The Meaning of Gross Rate?

  1. A simple definition of Gross Rate is: A net reward and a sum of money.

Literal Meanings of Gross Rate


Meanings of Gross:
  1. The number 144 is equal to twelve dozen.

  2. Gross profit or revenue.

  3. (Especially bad deeds) is very clear and clearly unacceptable.

  4. (Income, benefits or interest) without tax deductions or other aggregate contributions.

  5. Too rude or too rude.

  6. Normal or large scale is not accurate or detailed.

  7. There are no break taxes or other fees.

  8. Make or earn as profit or gross income.

Sentences of Gross
  1. Fifty-five cans of processed raw milk

  2. Install kick drum

  3. Serious human rights violations

  4. The total amount donated is $ 1000

  5. It is our duty to consider ourselves responsible for our rude and material subordinate duties

  6. At the overall physical level

  7. Total interest paid on securities of $ 50,000 or more

  8. The film grossed $ 8 million in the United States

Synonyms of Gross

full, rude, earn, flagrant, collect, earthy, make, aggregate, risqué, complete, ribald, improper, unseemly, draw, obscene, offensive, filthy, obvious, indecent, pornographic, fetch


Meanings of Rate:
  1. Set a pattern or value for a particular scale (object).

  2. Think of it as a particular quality, standard or area.

  3. A measure, quantity or frequency that is usually measured in relation to another quantity or unit of measure.

  4. Pay a fixed price or charge something for something, especially good or service.

  5. Scolding (someone) in anger

Sentences of Rate
  1. This program is considered very successful.

  2. Promotion price

Synonyms of Rate

tariff, adjudge, deem to be, compute, evaluate, find to be, reckon to be, charge, put a value on, weigh up, assess, calculate, judge to be, appraise, amount, price, measure, judge, think to be, fare