Gross Profits

Gross Profits,

How To Define Gross Profits?

Definition of Gross Profits: Gross commercial profit is the price that does not take into account anything else, with adjustments due to the increase or decrease in inventories or inventories in trade, by reducing the purchase or production costs associated with the sale of gross business revenue. Costs.

Literal Meanings of Gross Profits


Meanings of Gross:
  1. (Especially bad deeds) are very clear and unacceptable.

  2. (Income, rent or interest) without deducting all taxes or other contributions.

  3. Too rude or too rude.

  4. Not general or very good or detailed

  5. No taxes or other assistance are withheld.

  6. Generate or receive (amount of money) in the form of profit or gross revenue.

  7. Twelve dozen total 144.

  8. Gross profit or revenue.

Sentences of Gross
  1. Serious human rights violations

  2. The total prize money is $ 1,000

  3. The tasks we are called upon to perform that we feel subordinate to are minor and material tasks.

  4. At the overall physical level

  5. If your bond is worth 000 50,000 or more, total interest will be paid

  6. The film grossed $ 8 million in the United States.

  7. Fifty-five cans of processed raw milk

  8. Attached fat cabinet

Synonyms of Gross

make, vulgar, fetch, indelicate, indecent, receive, obscene, obvious, full, impure, glaring, earn, bring in, flagrant, total, lewd, filthy, conspicuous, pornographic, entire, draw, whole, ribald, aggregate


Meanings of Profits:
  1. The difference between the financial benefit, especially the money received, and the money spent on buying, operating or producing something.

  2. Profit benefit

  3. Get benefits or financial benefits.

Sentences of Profits
  1. Record pre-tax income

  2. Only those who liked the incident were lawyers

Synonyms of Profits

usefulness, make a profit, financial gain, payback, advantage, returns, value, make a killing, surplus, benefit, good, yield, excess, worth, make money, interest, use, gain, dividend, avail, return