Gross merchandise value

Gross merchandise value,

Definition of Gross merchandise value:

  1. The total value of merchandise sold over an established time period before deducting fees or expenses. This is a measure used by retailers to quantify their business growth. It is typically used as a comparative measure over time, for example quarterly or annually versus previous quarters or years.

Meaning of Gross merchandise value & Gross merchandise value Definition

Gross Merchandise Value,

How To Define Gross Merchandise Value?

  • A simple definition of Gross Merchandise Value is: The gross value of goods (GMV) is the total cost of goods sold through a customer-to-customer exchange point (C2C). This is to grow a business or use a website to sell other people's goods.

    • Gross Commercial Value (GMV) refers to the quantity of goods sold to a customer through a consumer or e-commerce platform.
    • The total cost of goods is calculated before any expenses or deductions are made.
    • This is a measure of business growth or use of the website to resell after the delivery of third party products.

Literal Meanings of Gross Merchandise Value


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