Gross lease

Gross lease,

Definition of Gross lease:

  1. Lease arrangement in which the tenant (the lessee) pays only a fixed fee or rent and the owner (the lessor) is responsible for the associated general expenses such as insurance, maintenance, and taxes. In case of property leases, the lessor may also pay for garbage collection, security, and utilities. An operating lease is a gross lease whereas a capital lease is not. See also net lease.

Meaning of Gross lease & Gross lease Definition

Gross Lease,

What is Gross Lease?

  1. A total lease, or aggregate lease, is a fixed-term lease agreement that covers all rent and property-related expenses, such as taxes, insurance, and benefits. The total lease can be adjusted according to the needs of the lessee. For example, aggregate rent may exclude utilities and force tenants to pay these costs.

    • Total rent is a rent that includes all the additional costs incurred by the tenant.
    • These costs may include taxes, insurance, utilities and other benefits that will be added to the final rental cost.
    • The total rent on a residential property is unusual because landlords do not know which tenants can use it for general purposes. When tenants make a loss, their premiums may increase and they may lose money.

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Meanings of Lease:
  1. An agreement in which one of the parties transfers land, goods, services, etc. other than that. Usually for a specified period through regular payment.

  2. Lease Discount (Property)

Sentences of Lease
  1. Six months rent in a store

  2. Renting a site from a local business

Synonyms of Lease

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