Definition of Grit:

  1. Move with or make a grating sound.

  2. Courage and resolve; strength of character.

  3. Small loose particles of stone or sand.

  4. Measure of the fineness of the abrasive material such as those used in polishing compounds and sandpapers. Originally, it was expressed as the number of holes per square inch of the mesh used in screening a particular material. Since the development of extremely fine abrasives, it denotes the average particle-size of the material in micrometers.

Synonyms of Grit

Air pollution, Attritus, Backbone, Bottle, Bottom, Bran, Bravery, Breccia, Chafe, Chutzpah, Cosmic dust, Courage, Courageousness, Crumb, Crumble, Dauntlessness, Debris, Determination, Detritus, Doughtiness, Dust, Dust ball, Efflorescence, Exacerbate, Fallout, Farina, Fearlessness, Filings, Firmness, Flour, Fortitude, Fret, Gall, Gameness, Grain, Granule, Granulet, Grate, Grate on, Gravel, Grits, Groats, Guts, Gutsiness, Guttiness, Hardihood, Hardiness, Heart, Heart of oak, Intestinal fortitude, Intrepidity, Intrepidness, Irritate, Kittens, Lint, Meal, Mettle, Mettlesomeness, Moxie, Nerve, Pith, Pluck, Pluckiness, Powder, Provoke, Pussies, Rasp, Raspings, Resoluteness, Resolution, Resolve, Sand, Sawdust, Set on edge, Shingle, Smut, Soot, Spirit, Spunk, Spunkiness, Stalwartness, Stamina, Starch, Staunchness, Stout heart, Tenacity, Toughness, True grit, Valor, Clench, Clamp together, Press together, Shut tightly, Courage, Courageousness, Bravery, Pluck, Mettle, Mettlesomeness, Backbone, Spirit, Strength of character, Strength of will, Moral fibre, Steel, Nerve, Gameness, Valour, Fortitude, Toughness, Hardiness, Resolve, Determination, Resolution, Gravel, Pebbles, Stones, Shingle, Sand, Dust, Dirt

How to use Grit in a sentence?

  1. She had a bit of grit in her eye.
  2. Fine red dust that gritted between the teeth.
  3. He displayed the true grit of the navy pilot.

Meaning of Grit & Grit Definition