Grindle Fabric Definition

Grindle Fabric Definition

What is ground wire?

| Definition. Male slip thread rate. (Name) A special double-effect yarn consisting of two colors.

He also asked, what is a grindle?

Surname. 1. Paint long-bodied primitive deep-sea fish, freshwater fish with a very long dorsal fin, found in the shallow waters of North America.

Do you also know what mixed yarn is?

Blended yarn is a blend of fibers of different colors to develop different shades in the yarn. Different fibers in the mix change the uniqueness of long yarns. Definition: Blended yarn can be defined as a yarn made by combining two or more or more fibers.

What is jasper thread?

Jasper cotton is obtained when two cotton threads are dyed in different colors and then twisted together. The end result is a fabric that appears to be of different colors.

What is a nifkin?

Not correct. Surname. (plural nifkins) (slang) theperineum.

What is a close kiss?

Colloquial name: vulgar.

What is a base?

Names. fundamental (plural grundles) (US, tube) The perineal area between the anus and the genitals.

What is Chead for?

A choice is a derogatory / insulting label for having a penis wider than it is long. It is a congenital defect and is extremely rare. Apparently this has been removed, secondary meanings truncated and left to someone the anonymous use of the questionable phrase.

Where does the name Grindle come from?

Surname: Grindle

What is the definition of gooch?


What are the different types of yarn?

Types of yarn

What is Neppy yarn?

Wrong yarn made with slub yarn. Effect yarns, such as small reinforced areas, so-called beets, are formed at certain intervals, usually in different colors, to achieve a decorative effect in a fabric or knitted fabric.

What is HVAC cable?

CVC yarn: If the amount of cotton fibers in a cotton and polyester blend yarn is greater than that of polyester fibers, it is referred to as CVC yarn. CVC stands for Chief Value of Cotton, meaning the cotton fiber content is always above 50% or more.

What is Heather GRAY yarn?

Gray melange yarns are special yarns. The fabric of the graying yarn is also special. Here I have provided a color chart which is made of yarn dyed gray.

Is the blended fabric soft?

Mixed: Our signature soft fabric. Our soft ribbon fabric is a classic that our customers keep coming back to. Thanks to its unique composition and exceptional softness, the spring models are worn by babies, children and adults and we are proud to be known for this high quality product.

What is viscose yarn?

Viscose is a semi-synthetic fiber formerly known as viscose. The yarn consists of regenerated cellulose fibers. Many products are made with this fiber because it is smooth and fresh compared to other fibers. Viscose is used to make a wide variety of garments such as dresses, skirts and underwear.

What is the color of the heather?

Apparently, gray is one of the hardest colors to mix in fabrics, which makes sense since it's basically a color between black and white. As a result, fabric manufacturers found that it was easier to make gray fabrics using a combination of black and white yarns.

Grindle Fabric Definition