Grinch Eating Glass

Grinch Eating Glass

Does anyone know how he did the scene where the smile spread? 3

Movies with Jim Carrey.

Gl sugar is an ingredient in the wrong gul cans. It is used in action movies because the edges are not so sharp and slanted. So when someone breaks a bottle on someone's head or someone falls out of a window, look at it. Although you can't cope with these provocative stunts without proper training and safety equipment (see warnings below), this is an easy plan to accomplish. Get sugar.


4 glasses of water

2 cups light corn syrup

7 cups sugar

1/2 cream tea.

Many cooking sprays

Grumpy scene

In every movie they eat sugar, that is sugar.

Grinch Eating Glass

Grinch Eating Glass

It's just sweet

This is Chinese

Grinch Eating Glass