Definition of Gridlock:

  1. A traffic jam affecting a whole network of intersecting streets.

  2. Another term for deadlock (sense 1 of the noun).

  3. Congress is considered gridlocked when the number of bills passed by the Senate slows to a trickle, even though there is a packed legislative agenda. The U.S. House of Representatives generally requires only a simple majority to bring a bill to the floor and pass it. Take the current House, elected in 2018, as an example. Controlled by the Democrats, it has been passing bill after bill to advance policies favored by the party. However, none of these bills has been taken up by the Republican majority in the Senate.

  4. Political gridlock is the stalemate that occurs when the government is unable to act or pass laws because rival parties control different parts of the executive branch and the legislature. In the United States, government shutdowns have increased fears that a dysfunctional Congress is in a near-permanent state of gridlock that threatens American democracy.

  5. When a company cannot perform daily business operations due to an upcoming unmanageable financial crisis.

Synonyms of Gridlock

Congestion, Traffic jam, Jam, Tailback, Hold-up, Bottleneck, Gridlock, Stoppage, Obstruction

How to use Gridlock in a sentence?

  1. Gridlock in government happens when control of both houses of Congress and the presidency is split between Republicans and Democrats.
  2. Proponents say a parliamentary system would end the gridlock between the executive and legislature that dogs Philippine politics.
  3. Traditionally, both parties have been wary of altering the filibuster because at some point each will be in the minority, but this has been changing in recent years.
  4. A primary cause of gridlock is the filibuster rule in the Senate, which calls for a supermajority of 60 senators to bring a bill to the floor.
  5. The city reaches gridlock during peak hours.

Meaning of Gridlock & Gridlock Definition