Grey Knight

Grey Knight,

Definition of Grey Knight:

  1. A third party or company that makes immovable bids as part of a takeover bid and takes advantage of any issues arising between the first bid (White Knight) and the acquiring company.

  2. When you buy a company, you are a bidder who has not made your intentions clear.

Literal Meanings of Grey Knight


Meanings of Grey:
  1. Hair (especially hair) turns gray with age.

  2. Ink or gray color

  3. A gray object or animal, especially a gray or white horse.

  4. An intermediate color between white and black, such as gray or lead

  5. It's not interesting or boring.

  6. (Financial or business activities) are not included in official statistics.

  7. Based on a mixed ethnic residential area.

Sentences of Grey
  1. Weight gain and gray

  2. Half dirty brown

  3. Restless riders are painting beautiful brown and brown colors in the famous horse class.

  4. Gray flannel pants

  5. A gray-faced man

  6. Parallel economy

  7. Gray suburbs of Cape Town

Synonyms of Grey

unremarkable, irregular, back-door, colourless, characterless, nondescript, unofficial, faceless, silvery, informal, greyish


Meanings of Knight:
  1. Invest (someone) in Knighthood.

  2. (In the Middle Ages) A ​​man who served his ruler or master as a gunman.

  3. (In the UK) A person receives a non-hereditary title from a ruler in recognition of merit or service and may wear the honorary title of "Lord" before his name.

  4. A piece of chess, usually crowned with a knight's head, which moves three times in the opposite corner of the square.

Sentences of Knight
  1. Knight for service to industry

  2. The animal was, in fact, the first pistol an inexperienced soldier could test to injure or kill a knight.

  3. Counting, Knight, Baron and Margraf gathered in the hotel's golden hall for the elite's main social calendar event.

  4. If you move your knight into a charming chess room, the pawn is gone.

Synonyms of Knight

knight, chevalier, cavalryman, equestrian, confer a knighthood on, cavalier, bestow a knighthood on, horseman, invest with a knighthood