Definition of Grexit:

  • Grexit definition is: The acronym for Leaving Greece, Greece, refers to the possible exit of Greece from the eurozone, referring to the return to Darchma as the official currency instead of the euro.

    • The acronym for Leaving Greece refers to Greece's possible exit from the eurozone and its return to Drachma as the official currency instead of the euro.
    • Greckst became known as a viable solution to the sovereign debt crisis in early 2012 and has been in financial negotiations ever since.
    • The Greek government, in addition to enforcing austerity measures, rejected Greece and accepted several rounds of eurozone bailouts.

Meanings of Grexit

  1. Name of the possible withdrawal of Greece from the eurozone (an economic region consisting of the countries of the European Union that uses the euro as its national currency).

Sentences of Grexit

  1. New fears for Greeks have shaken financial markets