Greenspan Put

Greenspan Put,

Greenspan Put:

  1. The Green Spin Pit Option is a name meaning a trading strategy designed to avoid price risk. The phrase was popularized in the 1990s and 2000s by some of the guidelines adopted by then-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. Green Spain was president from 1987 to 2006. Throughout his tenure, he has sought to support the US economy by actively using federal funds to change rates.

    • Green Spain's proposal focuses on the need to avoid fluctuations in stock market prices.
    • The name implies a stock buying strategy, but it is also possible to buy a put to protect it as the price will continue to fluctuate even if it increases.
    • The name does not imply a specific trading strategy, so there is no way to measure the effectiveness of such a concept.
    • A historical review of price action confirms why the impression remains that such a strategy is necessary.

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Meanings of Put:
  1. Move or bring to a specific position.

  2. Let (someone or someone) go to a certain place and stay there for a while.

  3. Placed in a particular state or state.

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  6. The price of an item (a certain amount)

  7. Throwing as an athletic sport (punch or weight)

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  12. Set the clock or set it to reflect the change of official time.

  13. Used to indicate that the speaker wants to shake hands with someone who agrees or congratulates them.

Sentences of Put
  1. Look where you put your feet!

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Synonyms of Put

pencil, set down, formulate, assess, value, settle, compute, situate, judge, inscribe, guess, measure, scribble, add, dash off, gauge, position, lay, put, establish, calculate, render, phrase, fix, word, put down, scrawl, frame