Green Taxes

Green Taxes,

What is The Definition of Green Taxes?

Also called environmental tax. Taxes imposed by companies, firms, etc. Prevent activities that harm the environment.

Literal Meanings of Green Taxes


Meanings of Green:
  1. Do this or turn green.

  2. Making the environment more harmful or more sensitive.

  3. Paint or green paint.

  4. A patch of public or public pasture, especially in the middle of the city.

  5. Member or supporter of environmental groups or parties.

  6. In the color spectrum, the colors between blue and yellow are like grass or emerald.

  7. Covered with grass, trees or other vegetation.

  8. Young or immature (of a plant or fruit).

  9. (Someone) inexperienced, naive or manipulative.

  10. (Skin or person) Yellow and unhealthy.

Sentences of Green
  1. The roof is green with moss

  2. The importance of greening this industry

  3. The main road is marked in green.

  4. Plants overlooking the house

  5. Green has 15% of the vote

  6. Light green leaves

  7. Tips that will damage green fields as they grow

  8. Green light

  9. Green recruits fresh out of college

Synonyms of Green

not ripe, whey-faced, common, immature, pale, unripe, waxen, nature-lover, greenish, drained, leafy, sward, conservationist, grassy, whitish, ashen, verdurous, waxy, ashen-faced, wan, grass


Meanings of Taxes:
  1. Rehabilitation of bones or limbs that are moved only by manual pressure.

  2. The movement or direction of a cell, organism, or part in response to an external stimulus.

  3. Regular arrangement of language units (phonemes, morphemes, words, sentences or sentences) in linear order.