Green Pants And Purple Shirt

Green Pants And Purple Shirt

Can I wear a purple shirt with green pants? 3

Only if you want to look like an eggplant.

Yes, if the tones are very light, they will not look bad.

Light green pants

It depends on what purple and green colors you are talking about. The olive green pants will look good with the eggplant purple shirt, and the light purple shirt will not look good.

In the end, the most important thing is what you like!

Of course, more emphasis can be placed on beautiful purple and green. Hey, do you remember all the purple and green sweaters we wore in the 80's? See the Retro Thrift Store section for other purple / green collections.

Green Pants And Purple Shirt

Green Pants And Purple Shirt

I guess it depends on the tone ... Army green pants can look beautiful with a dark purple shirt.

Yes, you cannot and will not allow other people to tell you otherwise. If you pay a little more attention to fashion magazines, you will find that matching clothes are very old. In fact, today I'm wearing a deep purple dress with pants and a green shirt and I'm getting a lot of compliments.

Very! Come on girl! Okay ... it really depends on the type of pants you are talking about. If you have a nice tight purple shirt with green cargo paint, that's fine, but if you're talking green suede pants or jeans ... definitely not. But you can definitely take it off, except for what I said you don't need to use.

Yes, but only if the color is very bright. That way it will be wonderful. But if you wear a purple shirt with green paint, it looks ridiculous.

Technically you can. However, the shadow is difficult to reach. Darker colors work better than lighter colors. Cover it with orange shoes and you have a winning collection.

This sounds ridiculous if the shadows do not match.

A purple shirt with a green print would look great.

Yes, but make sure the shirt has polka dots and the pants have flowers (preferably Hawaiian!)

Green Pants And Purple Shirt